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FIDEC´s charity tournaments are already a Miami classic, but in 2022 they took on a special Argentine flavor. Perhaps anticipating the FIFA World Cup celebration, the numerous friends who annually gather to support FIDEC enjoyed typical dishes and treats from the land of the champions before another afternoon of pure golf fun. The tournament was held on October 13 at Trump National Doral.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Graziano’s, golfers were tempted by the aroma of “choripanes” while they waited to register or had already taken their turn. Then, they savored the exquisite Havanna “alfajores” and around 1 p.m., with “full bellies and happy hearts”, they got ready for the shotgun. The tournament was played in the best ball of 2 (net) format and, as in previous editions, Ogilvy and Elipgo donated the golf balls.

Most of the nearly 80 participants were from Miami, while the rest had traveled mainly from Argentina. The Puerto Rican artist Chayanne attended for the third time and thus brought great joy to organizers and fellow players. Before heading for the course, they all received hats from Helmet One, a brand invited by Elipgo, the main tournament sponsor. Once on the spot, everyone missed the 15,000-dollar hole-in-one prize offered by Fortune International, but Juan Pablo Trigo got the same challenge right on another hole and won a 500-dollar purchase order to enjoy Omaha Steaks for a year. During the afternoon, despite threatening clouds, FIDEC’s friends had fun, showed their talent, and shared their experience in the charity Open Golf through the Argentine channel TyC Sports

For the first time since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the tables in the hall were fully occupied for the award ceremony. Before it started, Dr. Daniel Stamboulian summarized FIDEC and FUNCEI’s achievements between 2021 and 2022. In turn, Norberto Spangaro, a long-time collaborator of the Open Golf, called winners to the stage and then hosted the auction as well. Most attendees stayed for dinner after the happy hour, both sponsored by Kaluz. The Argentine brewery Quilmes donated beverages for the meal, while Graziano’s offered wines.

The funds raised were allocated to the First 1,000 days of Nutrition for a Healthy Life campaign in Argentina, which promoted optimal care during a key stage of the life cycle. Prevention of anemia and improvement of various nutritional aspects were some of the measures implemented, which have proven to be effective when articulated in a coordinated and timely manner. Thanks to all their contributors, FIDEC delivered to the Dr. Arturo Illia Hospital in El Sauzalito (province of Chaco) donations for pregnant women and their children, such as cans of hypercaloric food, iron, ferrous sulfate, and vitamins (A+C+D). Once again, the Argentine businessman Oscar Korovaichuk played a major role in getting donations to their final destination, having overcome all the inconveniences of transporting goods through the area of El Impenetrable. 

FIDEC also supported FUNCEI’s Vaccines Save Lives campaign in partnership with the Rotary Club of Argentina. During Vaccination Week in the Americas, they worked with the community to raise awareness of the importance of vaccines and their effectiveness in preventing and controlling infectious diseases throughout life. In total, 38,325 children and teenagers participated in this activity.

As in every charity event, FIDEC wants to acknowledge the efforts of their volunteers: Sossie Stamboulian, Gustavo Kardjian, Valeria Rotholc, Nadina Douer, Luján Soler, Laura Regalini, Macarena Guiñazú, Vanesa Carusso, María Paz Victoria, Elisa Junghahn, Mariana Fischer, Vicky Mas, Elisa Weiner, and Caroline Schmidt. Moreover, high-school students also generously helped during the event. Their time and effort were crucial for organizing the Open Golf.

Thank you so much!

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For donating the “choripanes” and wine bottles

For donating the golf balls gifted to the players as in previous years
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Five teams tied, so the score of the last nine holes was considered to single out the winners. Two teams shared the first place and three shared the second place.

 1st place: Gustavo Argañaraz and Mike Taylor, Horacio Genolet and Carlos Camilion
 2nd place: Rodrigo Soto and Ljupka Todorovic, Matías Anchordoqui and Lionel Berlanga, Manu Méndez and Mauricio Sánchez


Verónica Trigo

Ljupka Todorovic


Carlos Camilion

Matías Anchordoqui